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Waved Our Flags

We’ve come a long way, look and see how far we’ve come
Over mountains, through valleys, 
And we still go on
Count your blessings and rise like the morning sun

If you’re ready, then come
If you’re ready, then come.

Seize the day
Seize the moment
Seize the chance to run
With the wisdom and the vision that has spurred us on
Let your love well up
Let the walls fall down

If you’re ready, then come
If you’re ready, then come.

Spirit of Freedom – Judy Bailey feat.Uju
Along with Wavin’ Flag, Waka Waka and Viva Africa, this song became part of the soundtrack to my World Cup experience. It may be all over, but we still have the music to bring back the fond memories.
We worked hard, but we also played hard (although Bafana-Bafana could probably have played a little harder!) I dramatically increased my football knowledge thanks to cute foreigners and hung-out with my girlfriends a lot more than my job usually allows. It was an emotionally-charged time that took a lot out of us, but put a helluva lot more back in! The spirit that our country showed was just incredible and seemed to renew our faith and energy in working on developing South Africa’s potential for greater nation-building and pride.
Post-WC I now know who Samuel Ett’o, David Villa and Landon Donavan are. The tournament also brought with it stars I had yet to meet, like the wonderful John Travolta and the woman-with-abs-I-covet Shakira. John Legend, Paris Hilton, Angelique Kidjo, Naomi Campbell and Charlize were all repeat visitors.
With The Citizen’s Melody Brandon and “Danny Zukow” at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund


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