Trevor Noah’s Next Gig?

Friday night provided more than enough thrills online if one chose to stay in over a night out on the town. Not only was the teaser trailer for Spectre released, at 11:45pm GMT to be precise, but Variety reported an exclusive it had about South African comedian Trevor Noah being on a shortlist to take over the reigns of The Daily Show from Jon Stewart.
It seems no official word has been made about this, as is the usual case with things of this nature. I imagine we’ll only hear about it when it is officially made known in some kind of press release leading up to the end of Stewart’s tenure, which is set to be anytime between July and the end of this year. But it’s still great buzz for Noah, who’s been steadily making his name known over here in the US.
He joined The Daily Show late last year, and has only been on a few times, which is in keeping with his job description there as a contributor to the show. American TV viewers have watched the late night landscape change over the past few months, as it will continue to do, with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Stewart moving on, or in the case of Colbert and Fallon, up. British actor, producer and one-half of the force behind Gavin & Stacy, James Corden just made his solid debut this week, taking over from Ferguson.
Now, as a South African, I may be biased, but I think having Noah take over would be an inspired move. During each of the numerous stand-up shows that he’s been performing here over the past couple of years, he has been finding that sweet spot between his unique experience of being born and raised a South African with a black mother and a white father, and the universal “oh-yes” moments that surpass borders and genres, names and labels. I would hope that if he were to be in the role, he may offer a perspective that would take up the lead that Stewart set, by opening Comedy Central viewer’s eyes to issues beyond the borders of America’s immediate concerns. As we’ve seen from stories that have made headlines recently, the issue of race is one that America needs to confront, and comedy is a good way to start. Really, it’s a conversation we all could have a little more often.
So, here’s hoping the news is true. We are cautious to note, as in the Variety report, that nothing is confirmed or guaranteed at this stage. But the fact that he’s being written about it in this way is a good step forward for Noah’s profile here in the US of A, nonetheless.
[Pic: Comedy Central]

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