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The US Envoy Named Fran

She answers the phone with a “hello, this is Fran.”
Before the line had dropped, we’d established who I was and where I was from. So now – in an instant – it was like talking to an old friend.
“Hi Fran, it’s Nadia.”
“Yes, hello there. Tell me, Nadia, what is the weather like there? I’m busy packing…hot? cold?”
And so began the interview with Fran Drescher, aka The Nanny (named Fran!). What an easy interview. Ask Fran one question and you get a lovely, thought out answer. Okay, so it’s an 11 minute one. But c’mon, did I really expect anything less from the woman with one of the most-recognisable voices in the TV world?

Fran – a survivor of uterine cancer – is heading for South Africa to help spread the message of education and awareness about HIV/Aids. She may be a humourous woman, known for her comic act, but Fran can be desperately serious too. She’s been through a lot – raped in her home, divorce, cancer, and more. It’s given her a purpose beyond acting. Now, Fran has become a diplomat, lobbying for women’s rights.

Oh, and she, surprisingly, doesn’t actually sound like The Nanny – her voice is a lot deeper and not quite as chipper!

Read more about Fran’s Cancer Shmancer Movement.


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