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It’s snowing as I type this. You’d think it would get old to see snow after spending time in New York and living through Snowpocalypse, but no, it doesn’t. Not to this South African. Especially when it’s snowing in the picaresque Park City, Utah.

Aaaaah, Utaaaaah!


With the festival officially kicking off tomorrow, today was a good time to get a little acquainted with Park City and collect the necessary credentials to become “immersed in the Festival”, as SFF director John Cooper puts it. “Your mission now,” he says in the intro of the festival film guide, “is to share what you experience here during these 10 days in January.”

With the mission clear, the only other thing to do was figure out the schedule of screenings, interviews and parties. As I’ve come to learn from Cannes, there’s a fine art to arranging as much as possible beforehand but leaving just enough space for those moments of magic when you stumble upon Something Glorious That Wasn’t Planned.

And for watching the snow too.


[Oh, and for a bit of Banksy spotting.]




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