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The Sundance Diaries – Of Snow, Singers and Seat-breaking


Saturday was a cinematic slice of snow perfection. Everywhere just looked lovely, and whether you were Anne Heche or a non-actor festival-goer, it was so much fun taking pics in the powdery magic. Anne, who stars in the film That’s What She Said, here at Sundance, was enjoying the Puma Lounge when I saw her rush outside to take snow pics like everyone else. I couldn’t help get excited by it all either.

Back at the Bing Bar, a panel for the movie Lay The Favorite took place with director Stephen Frears, Rebecca Hall, Laura Prepon, Joshua Jackson and Corbin Bernsen. Corbin was such a sport when his chair broke and he fell down at the start of the discussion. It made me think of this incident on SA TV when the Finance Portfolio Committee chairman’s seat collapsed under him. Luckily Corbin, like Nanhla, was okay afterwards.

The Bing Speaker Series with the “Lay the Favorite" Cast Laura Prepon, Corbin Bernsen and Joshua Jackson


The Bing Speaker Series with the “Lay the Favorite” actress Rebecca Hall, director Stephen Frears and author Beth Raymer


Frears is a lot of fun to listen to. His British wit is so funny, yet he also makes a lot of serious points, like when he was talking about the blessings that can come from going the indie route on a film, which he did for Lay the Favorite. He says “being an Englishman in America, you find a lot of these small corners to explore that are exotic.” Which is why he wanted to make a movie about gambling.  That sentiment also applies to his next projects – a film about the Supreme Court and one about Muhammad Ali.

Joshua Jackson’s next project will take him to South Africa where he will be filming the movie Inescapable with Marisa Tomei.

After the film’s screening, I headed back to Bing Bar for a quick few words with the legendary Neil Young and director Jonathan Demme about their documentary called Neil Young: Journeys, which is showinig at Slamdance.

Bing Presents the “Neil Young Journeys” Official Cast After-Party at the Bing Bar

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