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The Rundown: Relays: Power Malu

If you a runner in New York and you’ve ever hit the streets with Bridgerunners, you’ll have seen Power Malu – his hair and big heart make him hard to miss. Seeing him do pull-ups on traffic lights in the middle of the run also makes him a notable character. Aside from being a runner, he’s an emcee and a True Yorker, who has a deep passion for the history of the city.
I met him for a run on the Lower East Side, to find out more about how running impacts his life. Power is part of Bridgerunners and one of my absolute running highlights was hitting the streets with them to celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2014. It was a pure celebration as about 300 of us hit the streets, making those sitting in cafes and bars outside jealous as we ran on by, high on the good vibes and crew love. The influential running group has been instrumental in the Bridge the Gap movement – seeing running crews from around the world pay homage to each other and hang out together all over the world.

For more on Power Malu, follow him here, and for all the deets on Bridgerunners, head here. 

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