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The Rundown: Relays – Jessie Zapo

If you run in New York City, chances are you’ve run with Jessie Zapo. Back in the day, she ran with BridgeRunners, she co-founded Black Roses NYC, and leads runs through Brooklyn with Bkfast Club and Girls Run NYC. Originally from Ohio, Jessie and I met through Black Roses NYC, and Nike’s Montauk Project, which brought a handful of runners together for three weekends in August 2013. Jessie is a leader of the quiet, calm and effective kind, who’s support is invaluable when it comes to achieving any kind of running goal. She’s also an ace when it comes to creating the best holiday-themed cookies!
We went for a sunset run, on a very cold NYC Winter’s eve, and talked about how she began running, what’s kept her going, and why she believes the support of other runners can be so uplifting. Pour yourself a cuppa and join us on the run, through Dumbo and the oh-so-scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Jessie will soon start up a therapy practice that brings running and art closer together, so do visit her site for more info on this, and, if you live in Brooklyn and feel like starting your morning off on the right foot (da-ta-ta), perhaps join in on a Bkfast Club run.
Find Jessie here and here.


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