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The Rundown: Ghostbusters!

Who you gonna call?
I’ve discovered that wearing my Ghostbusters jersey (or sweater, as Americans call it) and t-shirt are fast ways to getting people to smile at you. That, and shout out the phrase, “who you gonna call?”
This week’s episode of The Rundown is in honour of the original movie, and a throw-forward to the new one, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. I had actually been working on this route for a while – I thought of it last year and just didn’t have the time to put it together. Now that I’ve seen the new film and it’s being released this weekend, the time is right to bring it all together.

There’s been a lot of vitriol and negativity from certain corners of the Internet because the reboot exists with four women in roles once occupied by men. I’m not a huge fan of reboots, but I enjoyed this one – it was funny, I liked the homages it paid to the original and Kate McKinnon is a delight to behold on screen. Plus I’m excited for what the film will do for younger girls who go watch it and how excited it will make them to want to do cool things with their brains. This is one such article that articulates why it’s so important.
The original changed the game for its core creative team – director Ivan Reitman, Billy Murray, Dan Ackroyd and the late Harold Ramis. Over 30 years ago, when they were in their ’30s, it released, catapulting their brand of comedy into popular culture. I look forward to seeing more from McCarthy, Wiig, Jones and McKinnon (so much more from McKinnon!), and similarly, seeing them become more and more a part of pop culture.
Here is the route:




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