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The Parlotones Play NYC

Tuesday night, Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side.

It’s the live music venue that inspired the name of a spot in Cape Town I used to visit almost every weekend. On this particular evening, it played host to one of South Africa’s biggest bands – The Parlotones.

The pop-rockers have played shows in the US before, in fact they’ve played this venue before, but this time around they’re on their own, headlining their own tour and not supporting other US bands.

The crowd was filled with many a South African accent and a couple of Springbok shirts too. It seems that many of the expats in the audience had brought American friends with them, as evident in the whispers of explanation about songs that could be heard in between tracks. Say what you will about this band, they’ve worked hard to get to where they are and they have a way with crafting good songs that deserve to be heard around the world – most especially here in the US of A.

Drummer Neil takes the best self-twitpics ;)

The Parlotones continue their US tour until the end of March…follow them here.


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