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The Fear.

I’ve been worrying…

It starts from a place of not knowing where to start.

When you hear a song that gets it – that feeling that you were battling to pin down, box in, cover up.
When it’s like the songwriter went into your mind to mine for the experience needed to articulate exactly what it is you are feeling.
When it’s even better than that because there’s a melody that carries you along, so you’re buoyed by the emotion that has become the ship you sail to dry land upon.

And even then, this doesn’t come close to describing what it is you now feel for a song that feels like your feeling.

And maybe, after all this thinking, you realize the song just exists so you don’t need to find the words to describe it after all.

Thank you, Ben Howard.

THE FEAR (Full Length version) from

…I will become what I deserve.

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