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The Cannes Diaries – Of Brad Pitt and Sunshine


It seemed no small coincidence that as Brad Pitt arrived in Cannes and attended the press conference for his new movie, the skies parted and the sun started showing its face again on the Croisette.

It comes but once a year at the Cannes Film Festival – the day when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive, usually with their brood in tow, ready to take to the red carpet and create the frenzy they’re famous for creating. Only this year, Brad arrived sans Angelina, saying she was busy prepping for her next movie. That film could very well be the Maleficent one starring South Africa’s own Sharlto Copley, which is about to start shooting soon.

Ray Liota
Anyway, Brad has enough star-power to light up his own spot on the red carpet, as is evident by the screaming hordes begging for autographs or just a wave. He was asked, earlier today, about his wedding to Angelina, and whether it was indeed going to be taking place in August. He said no, and that they were still hoping to be able to do it when equal marriage rights were entrenched for everyone in the US, so it remains to be seen exactly when they’ll tie the knot.

As for the movie Brad is here with – Killing Them Softly , in which he teams up again with The Assassination of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik, he plays a hit man who doesn’t like to get close to the subjects he needs to get rid of. Hence the “killing them softly” aspect to the story. It’s bloody and stylized in the portrayal of the violence but Brad is on point here. His co-stars Ray Liotta, Scoot McNairy and Ben Mendelsohn round out the cast in this gritty drama.

Another spot of sunshine provided from last night’s screening of Ken Loach’s The Angels’ Share also made an appearance today. The cast, including first-time actor Paul Brannigan, attended a press conference for the film. Topics of the current economic crisis and global financial concerns that were mentioned in the Killing Them Softly press con continued into this one, with scriptwriter Paul Laverty talking about the unemployment of the film’s characters being symptomatic of our current times. I really loved the film – almost as much as I love whisky, which almost plays its own character in it. It was uplifting and charming and has a relevant message to convey too.

Whisky expert Charlie MacLean, director Ken Loach and Paul Brannigan

After the press con, there was the opportunity to be schooled by Master of the Quaiche (Key) Charlie MacLean, who essentially plays himself in the movie.

A beautiful way to end a Cannes day.

Charlie MacLean

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