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The 2014 Sundance Film Festival kicks off



The Sundance Film Festival kicks off today! It’s the festival’s 30th anniversary, and my third time here. Even though I feel like I know a bit about how to do things, it still takes some time to figure out the film timetable, and how to juggle movie screenings, with Q-and-As and the odd concert/party. It still tickles me pink to think I get to come to the fest now, after years of just watching from afar.

Last year Fruitvale Station and Blood Brother were two of my top films out of the batch that I managed to see. Unfortunately, Fruitvale didn’t manage to ride the buzz it started receiving here all the way into the Oscar nominations that were announced earlier today.

It’s at festivals like this one that smaller, indie films have the chance to try grab some much-needed word-of-mouth attention. I have many films on my list of ones to see – a lot of them are echoed here and here.

I’ll be updating from Park City as regularly as I can – so do keep coming back.


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