Dracula Untold

It’s a rare occurrence when a movie opens outside the US before it opens here. Such was the case this past weekend with Dracula Untold, where the film opened in South Africa, the UK and other European countries a week before being shown here. It topped the box office in SA, and when it did play here on Thursday night, the film scored a not-too-shabby $1.3 million in midnight screenings.

Heading into to see the film ahead of interviews with the cast, I wondered about the necessity of another vampire story, and an origin story at that. The numbers after this weekend will answer, to a large degree, that question. Most people know Dracula as a count – at least I did – this film presents him as a prince, played by Luke Evans. Canadian actress Sarah Gadon, a past recipient of the Toronto Film Festival’s Rising Star accolade, plays his wife, part of the family and kingdom he must save.

I spoke to Mr Evans and Ms Gadon about why the time is right for a re-telling of the Dracula story. And because I have Sunday’s Chicago Marathon on the brain, I ‘told’ Evans I’d like to enlist a little bat power of my own…

Pic: Universal 


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