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SXSW – Of A Cabin and Lots of Confusion


So, about being ready for it all…

The rain was quite a damper on the first day, making it extra challenging to find my way around an already unfamiliar landscape. Although the majority of the panels take place in the Austin Convention Center, there are a whole bunch of other places, at hotels and the like, where other talks take place. While trying to find my way around, I missed two panels because I was also trying to find rain-boots and an umbrella. The forecast seems to be predicting that this weather is going to be hanging around so I wanted to make sure I was sorted for the rest of my 9 days here. Unlike New York, or even Cannes, those mysterious men who pop up selling umbrellas at the first sound of a rain drop are not here, and the stores here were not quite prepared for the downpour, having all run out of umbrellas by early afternoon. I didn’t find rain-boots, but I did find a pair of cheap Vans, and, it seems, my inner skater girl.


Still, Day 1 was fun, and interesting, and overwhelming, and cool and…scary. The premiere of the much-anticipated The Cabin in the Woods was a highlight of the day. The queue of dedicated fans (and journalists) snaked around the beautiful Paramount Theatre in the rain. True to the film’s tagline, it certainly isn’t the story you think you know. Although, if you know Joss Whedon, you’ll know a bit of what to expect. He and director Drew Goddard were on hand, together with some of the film’s cast, to answer a few questions after the movie. One person in the audience called it “the last horror movie ever made”, and Joss said it was really happy to finally see the movie being screened to an audience, after it had been on the shelf because MGM studio going bankrupt in 2010.



As for the Interactive side of things, I managed to get my bearings and figure out the Austin Convention Center. It is a giant hub of techies, tech enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs, start-up gurus, brand ambassadors, brand developers, gamers, gaming enthusiasts, and more sub-categories related to this digital world we live in.


Most people recommend making a schedule and being prepared to drop it at any given moment. Have done that already!

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