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Sundance 2013: Playing Catch-up


From the politics and promises of DC to the peaks of Utah – more specifically, of Park City. It’s time for me to play catch-up at the Sundance Film Festival, which has been underway for the past 5 days.

I’m going to try see as many of the films on my list as I possibly can before heading back to New York on Friday night. That means trying to catch up on the ones people here have already been raving about and also diving right into the ones still to come (like Lovelace and jOBS).

It took me half the day to get my bearings and remember the lessons learnt from last year – in terms of which theaters are where and who has the best coffee (Java Cow). But it feels good to be back at Sundance for the second time. Now, if we could just have some snow to make this movie-watching experience complete…




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