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Spoek Mathambo – Awufuni


Colourful and vibrant, the latest music video from Spoek Mathambo pays homage to women – no less, African women at that – by riffing off an old track from one of South Africa’s seminal mbaqanga ‘girl groups’, Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje (who were around at the same time as Mahotella Queens). The music video was made by Joburg-based Fausto Becatti, commissioned by Vice for their Noisey channel, and the single is off Spoek’s latest mix tape, Escape to 85.

It’s part of a greater initiative called Studio Africa, where Diesel has teamed up with Edun, founded by Ali Hewson and Bono, to create a denim collection sourced and made in Africa. The project takes it one step further from fashion to include a taste of the creativity that’s being stitched together on the continent too. Spoek is one of three artists to feature as part of this. Look out for Nigeria’s Olugbenga and Somalian duo Faarow too.

Sporting blonde-dyed hair, Spoek raps over the track’s catchy bassline, adding in his own sweet chorus of ‘my heart, my heart,’ as the girls in the video tease and taunt him.

Check out more from Spoek here, where you can play a custom-made nostalgic video game while listening to the mix tape.


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