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You’ll most certainly by now have heard of this anti-crime campaign. I got a taste of this concept a few months ago – through an early screening of the music video for Shout. Although it was just a draft copy, it already impressed me: the calibre of artists involved, the message behind the concept and the passion driving the campaign.

It’s the brainchild of Danny K and Kabelo. And funny thing, while Danny was launching the video, together with a host of local musicians like Tamara Dey, Slikour, Louise Carver and , Danny’s ex, Leeann Liebenberg was announcing her engagement on Twitter at the same time. Oh, darling! One paper even chose to run with this story as a bigger feature than the Shout campaign. Different strokes, I guess…

Just some muso's involved in #Shout on Twitpic
Twitpic @NadiaNeophytou

I’ll admit, when I heard Danny and Kabelo talking about what they want the campaign to do, I thought to myself, “how is a song really going to help address the crime issue in our country?” An issue that has affected everyone of us. I’m all for the power of music and its ability to change lives and change society and affect social change. But this situation here seems to have reached a dire point – one where it all just seems hopeless – even for someone that loves their country with all their heart.

But the music video played – and I felt the emotion of it well up inside me. I don’t want to be cynical about this. If this truly has the power to mobilize us as a country, as a community, to truly work together to do something, then I’ll be singing “Shout” for as long as I need to.

Sure the money from downloading the track and the video (R20 a pop) goes to fighting crime efforts, like buying bullet-proof vests and training policemen. But there’s another aspect to it – the emotion the video conveys. It says we can rely on each other to stop moaning and actually do something. If you know of a crime taking place, or know of someone involved in a crime to speak up. If you’ve been affected to speak up. As Danny K says, join a forum, start a community safety group, sms a tip-off to Crimeline (33-22-11).

This is how I hope SHOUT will truly make the difference.


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