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Running This Town – A Personal Note


From running around on the red carpet to running around New York…I’m going for my biggest challenge yet – the ING New York City Marathon: 26 miles (just over 42 km for my fellow South Africans) through New York’s boroughs.

It’s something I never thought I’d ever do – run a marathon. I was the girl at school who disliked – no, hated – running during PT. But since moving to New York in December 2010, running has taken on new meaning, and become a much-needed pillar of stability in my crazy life of adventure.

Being able to run this marathon of marathons for an organization like All for Africa makes this challenge even more important to me. What I like about All for Africa is that it was started by a group of New York entrepreneurs who want to stamp out poverty and see investment in the continent grow – through projects like the Palm Out Poverty (POP) and the Million Watts Energy Initiative.

POP is planting one million oil palm trees on approximately 17 000 acres of land in West Africa (that will yield about 300 000 barrels of sustainable crude palm oil for the next 35 year, once mature), while the Million Watts Campaign is aiming to raise $10 million through 2015 to install about 10 000 watts of renewable energy in 100 communities across rural parts of Africa.

If you listen to my Celeb Green Tip on Redi Direko’s show, you’ll know I have a special interest in going green and these are worthy initiatives.

So, if you’re able to, please help me “run this town” and support this great event. You can visit my marathon page here.

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