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Roll out the Red Carpet!

Bonjour Cannes! I arrived just in time to see the Palais de Festival being set up for the opening of the festival. The Palais is the main building where all the action takes place. It houses the film market and is right next to the Grande Lumiere Theatre where all the big premieres happen.

This is what the red carpet looks like before it becomes “The Red Carpet”…

The fest’s unofficial photographers, who line the street outside the Palais, are ready in their spots. They come from all over France, and for many, this is a family business!

It’s almost time – the curtain will officially raise on the 63rd annual Cannes Film Festival!

Oh, and I read some useful advice for when things in Cannes get a little tough (like trying to chase down Pamela Anderson on the boardwalk, from Nadia’s Cannes Experience No. 1) from The Diving Bell and The Butterfly director Mathieu Almaric, who is here as an actor in Tournee:

“If you approach Cannes with a sense of humour, nothing is that bad. You have to take it for what it is, otherwise it’s silly. Cannes is a circus, so you have to have fun with it.”

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