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Remembering Michael Jackson – The Memorial

I almost can’t believe it is over. The memorial and funeral of Michael Jackson. The story itself is, of course, still far from being done. I’ve been working in two time zones so I am feeling the effects of it all now and am pretty exhausted. There is still so much to reflect on, but that will come. I fear the Starbucks has stopped working and I must get a bit of shut eye.

Being at the Staples Centre I truly felt a part of History (yes, I’ve been told to pardon the pun already). Because of the time difference I was there on Monday evening LA time, so I could report live for Tuesday morning SA time. The people who were there yesterday were mostly those who didn’t get tickets for the memorial. A few of them told me they came to pay their respects anyway, and sign a giant condolence card in honour of MJ.

Returning, after three hours of sleep, the next day, on Tuesday morning LA time, Tuesday afternoon SA time, I found more fans paying tribute to MJ the way they knew best. Some dressed up, some carried paintings, others wore t-shirts with his face on them or a single silver glove.

More to come, but for now a few hours of shut eye.


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