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OWS – Tom Morello’s GuitArmy

Guitarmy Occupy Wall Street
It’s been a long winter for Occupy Wall Street, and today, May 1 on International Worker’s Day, people gathered in Bryant Park for what became termed a “pop-up occupation” to remind the public that the movement has not died down. One of the most vocal supporters of the movement has been Tom Morello, long-time activist, and member of influential bands Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and The Nightwatchman.

Tom put out a call on his Twitter for thousands of guitarists to join him in his “GuitArmy” as part of today’s OWS activities.

“It’s been my job to weave my convictions into my vocation,” he told me today, as the groups of guitarists practiced chords and rehearsed songs. Listen on for his thoughts on music’s role in activism and politics, why OWS is personal to him, and how he wields his Twitter power.

[audio:|titles=tom morello]

Tom Morello also released an international documentary called World Wide Rebel Tour, and it’s available for free download here

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