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Oscars 2013: Gold Covered Chocolate Oscars


Part of the prep for the Oscars includes the food that will be served at the Governors Ball, after the ceremony. In the days before the event, world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck gives us a preview of what those attending the ceremony can expect to eat after having sat through all the winner announcements. And there’s something for everyone – from kale salad with grilled artichokes for vegans to the baked-to-order chocolate souffle cake with shaved espresso ice to comfort those who lose out on winning statues. The little gold covered chocolate Oscars – 5000 are served – are a staple of this menu, a must-have, and I’ll never forget when Wolfgang gave me one to try when I first came to cover the Oscars four years ago. Nowadays, they’re not as freely given out, so perhaps I should have preserved the one I was given last year…


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