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On the Oscar Menu

When you’ve been creating the menu for the Governors Ball (which takes place just after the ceremony) for the past 17 years, you aren’t really going to be messing with a winning formula. Especially if that formula includes these babies:

And these:

But Wolfgang Puck has included English sole on the menu, and he says he decided on it even before British actor Colin Firth was nominated for Best Actor, or The King’s Speech had been given the nod for Best Picture. The 1500 guests at the dinner will feast on sushi, shellfish, Wolfgang’s signature salads, as well as a 26-foot buffet of chocolate!

Making the mini Kobe Cheeseburgers
Imagine sitting here...sigh!

And outside the kitchen, more construction on the red carpet…

The predictions for Oscar Night have been made.E! News’ resident movie critic Ben Lyons reckons the top five are all shoo-in’s: The King’s Speech for Best Picture, Natalie Portman for Best Actress, Colin Firth for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo and Best Supporting Actor to Christian Bale (although he does suggest not to discount Geoffrey Rush, which I also agree with).

I chatted to South African-born, LA-based actor Stelio Savante about his Oscar picks. He is friends with Best Supporting Actor nominee John Hawkes, whom he has worked with on different projects. Stelio says he wants John to win for his role in Winter’s Bone but that it won’t mean too much to John because “he’s all about the work”. Whether or not John wins, the nomination can only be a good thing for his career, and as Stelio says, we should start to see John’s profile increasing quite a bit as a result of it.

With Stelio Savante at La Conversation in Beverly Hills

There are lots more exciting projects on the go with Stelio so I will keep you posted on that.

Off to another Oscar party, darling!

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