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Now You See Me


Now You See Me is crime caper that follows Mark Ruffalo, an FBI agent out to find out just how a group of magicians, known as the Four Horsemen, pulled off an outrageous bank heist. Fast-paced, and set in Las Vegas, New York and New Orleans, the film is a fun run through these cities and the story, which kept me entertained right until the end. The final act was a little too trite for me, but for the most part, I enjoyed this one – especially the scenes filmed in New Orleans and Queens’ Five Pointz street art HQ. It’s also fun to watch Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine go up against each other, as their views on magic clash.

In this snippet, I spoke to cast members Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher about the magic of the movies.

Now You See Me opens in South Africa this weekend.

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