Norah Jones – Live on Letterman

Just like the LBD, the LBH never seems to go out of fashion. And while a Little Black Dress has been known to fix many a Little Broken Heart, there’s much to be said about the timeless ability of music to ease those kinds of wounds too. Enter Norah Jones, stage left, with her fifth studio album, Little Broken Hearts, filled with songs about her most recent break-up.

Norah took to the stage at one of my favourite venues in New York – the Ed Sullivan Theater, for Live on Letterman. She performed songs from the album, produced by the deft Danger Mouse, which released yesterday. In a set that saw her play the guitar more than she did the piano, Norah showed she has a new heart to go along with that new album and new band of hers. In between songs, she joked with the audience about inappropriately touching herself after she spilt water on her dress, and made endearing small talk about the weather.

Pics: John Filo/CBS

¬†One of the stand-out moments of the show came when Norah showed what happens when she isn’t as likeable. On Miriam she took to the piano, singing in her velvet voice, an ode to her lover’s mistress, and how she’s saved her best punishment – not for her cheating boyfriend – but for the object of his transgressing desires.

You can watch it below.

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