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NoNoNo at Nylon

It’s tempting to write YesYesYes when talking about NoNoNo, such is the joy their song Pumpin’ Blood brings. It’s a little ditty that brings with its catchy whistle-chorus a reminder of the blessing of being physically alive. Great for the physical act of running, I tell you. The trio played its third ever show in New York City on Tuesday night at the Box, as part of a Nylon/Steve Madden event.

The night was an opportunity for Nylon to show off its Haim-covered music June/July issue, and also for fans of NoNoNo to see what else the trio has in its repertoire, other than Pumpin’ Blood. Much like one of the other contenders for the ultimate jam of the US Summer – Am I Wrong from Nico & VinzPumpin’ Blood was released in April last year. It’s taken a year for the song to go from bubbling under to charting and being Glee-fied (or should that be Glee-arized. Perhaps just neither.)

Like Nico & Vinz too, NoNoNo is also a Scandinavian outfit, hailing from Sweden. Its lead by Stina Wäppling, who likes to wear her hair in a giant almost-to-the-side pony, and production team Astma & Rocwell.

The song, which has spawned a bunch of different remixes, was the second last song in the group’s set of 6 tracks. I came to Pumpin Blood via a Jane Doze remix, which actually strips away the whistle and it still sounds just as affirming, if not more. Jungle and Fire Without a Flame  have a great energy on stage too, led by the vibrancy of the live guitar and Stina’s woh-oh-oh cooing.

 NoNoNo have an EP out on iTunes.



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