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Night at the Gallery

After overdosing on The Armory Show, I was more than happy to be able to venture somewhere a little more manageable, for a follow-up hit, so to speak, of NYC art. A first-time visit to Mallick Williams & Co in Chelsea was on the agenda for kicking off Friday night.

My art dealer friend Ricky Manne introduced me to this gallery, which is still fairly new, having opened last November with the aim of “resurrect (ing) the free-spirit and fun that is inextricably associated with art”. It’s run by Alex Mallick Williams, and, no that last name doesn’t happen to be coincidence, she is related to the great Robin. It was great to be able to see the man himself come in during the opening and have a look at the art, as Alex and her husband, Zachary (Robin’s son) led him around the room, explaining each of the pieces of this particular exhibition.

It’s called Hueless and brings together 21 different artists, playing with the monochromatic theme and the idea of black and white.

Zachary has excellent taste, having picked this, by Curtis Kulig, as his favourite – which just so happened to be mine too!

This one, by Katsu, was rather striking.

Another one I really liked…

Here is the artist, Erik Haze, with his girlfriend Rosie Perez.

You can see the exhibition until April 15th. As for Mr Williams, you’ll have to look for him on Broadway. He’s about to star in  Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, which he tells me is a f****ing amazing show.

Mallick Williams & Co is at 150 11th Ave, New York, New York.

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