New Maleficent Trailer

A lot happened during the gazillion-hour-long broadcast of the Grammys. Some moments were better than others – like the debut of a new trailer for the upcoming Disney movie, Maleficent, during a commercial break. This one gives us a lot more of Angelina Jolie as the iconic villain than the first teaser trailer did. Watching her give that slight cackle towards the end of the trailer makes me want to fast-forward to 3 months from now when we’ll be able to see the actual film (when, coincidentally, it will also be a whole lot warmer in NY too).

This trailer also has Lana Del Rey’s haunting version of Once Upon a Dream, which you can download for free this week. Even more exciting for this South African is that Sharlto Copley finally makes an appearance in the trailer, as King Stefan, Aurora (Elle Fanning)’s father. Wonder what kind of accent he’ll be channelling for this one…?


“Dream” Trailer – Maleficent on Disney Video

Maleficent releases in May. 


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