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Avenues are not Streets.

This is an important distinction. Avenues are longer than streets – three times longer, or so I’ve been told. While walking streets, you’ll happily skip by as they rapidly go down or up in numbers, but avenues sometimes feel like you’ve been walking for ages and you’ve only gone from 1st Avenue to 2nd!

Brunch is neither breakfast nor lunch.

Which is just as well, actually, because it means you can wake up late and still have eggs and Mimosa’s and chat about the weekend until 4pm.

Cowgirl on Hudson, West Village

Oh and while we’re at it…

Sunday is Funday around here.

Sunday Funday is a prerequisite in my life now. From partying at The Standard Hotel’s Nouveau York to eating cupcakes from Magnolia and browsing Marc Jacobs, it’s a day that gives not a single thought to Monday.

I can own something from Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs has the West Village covered – from his men’s store to his kiddies one and of course the ladies (he also has a gorgeous bookstore but more on that later). One can spend ages looking at all the garments and trying not to multiply the amount they cost by 7. So when I found these cute rain-boots at the affordable price of 28 dollars, I seized the opportunity to get them and carry a Marc Jacobs bag around town!

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