Lights, Camera, Aaaction! The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

There is the serious business of awarding films and filmmakers – the Oscars, the BAFTAs, the Globes and all that – and then there is the lighter side. The side where, instead of a weighty gold statue of a small naked man, winners are given one a much less heavier one made of popcorn.

It’s still gold, though, and that’s what counts.

The MTV Movie Awards take place this Sunday in LA, and I’ll be there, covering them for the first time. These awards have become known for their irreverent take on the films we’ve been watching over the past year. They’re a chance to honour those films and that narrowly missed an Oscar nod – yes, Lupita Nyong’o was amazing in 12 Years a Slave, but Jennifer Aniston played a stripper as convincingly in We’re The Millers as Sandra Bullock played an astronaut in Gravity, right?

With categories like Best Scared-As-S**t Performance, Best #WTF Moment and of course, Best Kiss, the MTV Movie Awards have become tailor-made for our time of viral videos and meme infamy. Just last week someone posted a #TBT aka ‘throw-back-Thursday’ to – hands down – one of the finest moments in award-show history, when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams re-enacted their The Notebook kiss.

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But the MTV Movie Awards haven’t been without their disappointments. Witness Sharlto Copley losing out on a Best Scared-As-S**t trophy, for his turn as Wickus van der Merwe in District 9, thanks to Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body. I mean, really! Those fokken prawns were sca-ry! This year, Brad Pitt’s frightened-by-zombies-look will go up against the supernatural encounters Ethan Hawke, Jessica Chastain, Rose Byrne and Vera Farmiga all had in their most recent films. And surely no-one will be happy having to decide between Chris Hemsworth’s shirtless performance in Thor and Zac Efron’s in That Awkward Moment?

The MTV Movie awards still like to honour the big, important films too. Only, instead of the 6000 or so members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences making the decision, it’s the audience that gets to vote during the show. This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner12 Years a Slave is up for Movie of the Year, along with American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street, which were both nominated for Oscars too. But The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire also have a shot at the title, especially given MTV’s younger audience.

As for Breakthrough Performance, I’d like to see Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan be the ones left duking it out for the award. Both have given fantastic performances in two underrated movies from the past year. If you haven’t yet seen The Spectacular Now (or as I’ve fondly been calling it since seeing it at Sundance last year, The Spectacular Wow) or Fruitvale Station, get thee to a laptop with iTunes immediately.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz fight it out for Best #WTF Moment. Anyone who saw Ridley Scott’s The Counselor last year no doubt left with mouths agape after seeing a whole different side to Ms Diaz and her, shall we call them, talents, while Leo’s impression of a Quaalude-overdosed stock-broker trying to drive himself home at night was un-[insert swear word here]-ing believable. Those two moments alone justify the existence of the MTV Movie Awards. How else would these cinematic works of achievement ever be honoured?

The MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Conan O’Brien, take place on Sunday night in LA, airing live on MTV. If you’re in South Africa, and feel like waking up at 3am on Monday 14 April, you can watch them live.  Otherwise, the primetime premiere will be on both MTV and MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) Monday 14 April at 9pm.

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