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Many New York Minutes

There’s really so much to do and see that it’s a good thing the days feel so long. Technically they shouldn’t, because the sun goes down at the strange hour of 4:57pm. When I wake up I feel as if I have overslept – even if it is 6am – purely because I am still operating on South African time and it’s already the afternoon. So it makes sense that the days feel like there are two of them packed into one.

It’s been a great few days so far, starting with a downpour of note when I first arrived. Irina, the Russian lady I am staying with, says in her country, that’s considered a blessing. My South African “home-girl” Lihle says in Zulu as well, it means blessings will shower over me. Well, they already are!

I went to see Brandon Flowers – he of The Killers and now solo fame – at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Centre on Wednesday night. How amazing to not have to wait a gazillion years for him to bring his solo show to South Africa. It’s got all the pizazz of a Killers show – where he sings with vigour and jumps up and around the stage – but yet he is the star of the show. It was a beautiful set-up, with the set of drawers from the cover of his Las Vegas-style hotel room of Flamingo. But more on that in its own post.

I want to take photos of everything because it’s all still so new. I have never been to New York during winter. It’s brrrrr-cold but oh-so-festive. Everywhere there are decorations and Christmas carols playing. It’s just so heart-warming – no, really! Especially when you get to take goofy pics with a friend from Zim/Cannes/LA in the Disney Store on Times Square!


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