Miss N

Irene: “She came, said hi, and left”

So Irene was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, or as my friend @Anele says, from “CEO to Steve Jobs”. I went out into the streets this morning to see what Irene did, and didn’t, do to New York City, at least on the Upper East Side.

This is a little bit of what I found near the East River. It’s also evidence of why I wouldn’t make a good weather reporter!

There were lots of jokes going around afterwards about how disappointed New Yorkers were there wasn’t really anything to write home about Irene in the end, but I for one, am happy that was the case. Many of the people I spoke to agreed. Irene left at least 18 people dead in the six states of her path, so that really does put things into perspective.

Here, now,  are some more post-Irene pics, just to give you a sense of the mood afterwards…

The Jaguar from behind
Trees R Us - literally
My running route usually goes around that statue
Madison Avenue
Some shops re-opened soon afterwards, while others stayed shut