Miss N

Howzit Hollywood!

Long time, no see! Like, a year! In fact, this time last year. Okay, so it was March, but that’s only because the Oscars calendar shifted down a little.

I am back in town for another swing at covering the Oscars. Because last year wasn’t stressful – or glamorous – enough for me! This year, while there is no South African interest at the ceremony, there is a lot of excitement leading up to the race for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film and Best Director, among others. It feels like a little bit of a formality because it seems like the winners have all but been announced already, given the synchronicity among all the other awards shows. But, still, you never know what might change!

I’ll be here, blogging all about it. So keep popping by and get your glad rags on – it’s going to be a glitzy ride!

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