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Give Him the Green Liiiiight

There’s been such a buzz growing around the project Neill Blomkamp has chosen as his follow-up to the phenomenal success that was District 9. Why, just this very evening at an art gallery in Soho, I was being told by three guys how much they loved the film, saying it was the best they’ve ever seen. They also, incidentally, are massive fans of Die Antwoord, especially of Yo-Landi…suffice to say, it seems love of the one seems to almost always mean love of the other!

Nonetheless, following District 9 there is most certainly an air of what-will-he-do-next when it comes to the Joburg-born, Vancouver-based director. It’s no surprise that he has enlisted, once again, the talents of Sharlto “Mad Dog van der Merwe” Copley. These guys are kind of like a modern-day Ben Affleck / Matt Damon pairing in their Good Will Hunting days. Added to the mix is also Matt Damon, himself, who earned an Oscar nomination last year for his role as Francois Pienaar in  Invictus. And then, the cherry on top of this cinematic cake is the one-and-only Jodie Foster. The film’s called Elysium and is apparently set 100 years in the future, with a social allegory similar to the South African Sci-Fi.

More aliens?

I cannot wait to find out more!

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