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Gaga’s Workshop

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Gaga! This holiday season it’s all about little monsters, chocolate McQueen shoes and claw pendants. Lady Gaga is taking over Christmas.

At least, she’s taking over Barney’s in New York. Take the lift down to the fifth floor of the men’s department and you’ll find Gaga’s Workshop – an array of items conceived by Gaga and collaborator Nicola Formichetti.









Amazing to think that someone who went busking in bars around New York City just a few years ago, now has her face on little decorations that will hang on Christmas trees in homes around New York City (and, thanks to online shopping, all over the world.)

Dreams can come true, hey?

Take a look at what else you’ll find inside…

Gaga’s Workshop is open until January 2 2012.

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