Fergie et al

The Duchess of York let me down. Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, aka the One who has the Toe-Sucking Fetish. Was due to interview Fergie ’cause she’s teamed up with Martin Scorsese (yeah, you read right) as co-producers on a film about Queen Victoria, that stars The Devil Wears Prada’s Emily Blunt. The interview was scheduled two days before, also got a call two hours before to say all was on track. But 6:15pm came and went. And so, it seems, did Fergie. Who does she think she is – Royalty? Haha ;)

But it did make me think about some of the other telephonic interviews I’ve done that have been memorable…

Julio Iglesias

Me: “…so Julio, you’re still going strong after all these years, and now, you have a new baby, how do you manage it all..”
Julio (in his suave Spanish accent): “You think I am old, hey Nadia? I am not old. I swim 5 kilometres everyday in the Ocean. Naked.”
Me, blushing through the phone: “Um. I am sure you do…”

Sir Ben Kingsley

Scene-setter: While waiting for Sir Ben Kingsley to call my landline, my cellphone rings.
Me: (finishing a conversation with someone else, so half talking into the phone)”…yeah, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did wish you were drowning in a pool of your own blood. Hello?”
SBK (in a fine British accent): “Hi, is this Naadia?”
Me: “Yes. Ohhh, is this Sir Ben Kingsley?”
SBK: “Yes, it is.”
Me: “Um, Sir Ben…Mr Kingsley, I mean Sir Kingsley, mister…”
SBK: “You can call me Ben.”
Me: “Oh, really? Okay, then. Um, I need to record the interview so please can I ask you to call me back on the landline, Sir Ben. I mean Ben.”

The Cop from the Village People (then again, could have been the Policeman, he wasn’t that distinguishable.)

Me: “So you’re celebrating 30 years as as group and are bringing the celebrations to South Africa – what are you most looking forward to?”
Him: “Yes.”

Okay then.

Hmmm, wonder how memorable Fergie on the phone would have been?


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