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Entertainment Express: Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Star Wars Episode VII, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Charlize Theron


* In the first of two based-on-a-true-story movies Tom Hanks has coming out soon, Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips will open this year’s New York Film Festival.

* Angelina Jolie tops Forbes’ highest paid actresses list – but with $40 mill less than highest paid actor, Robert Downey Jr. She has been a little quiet on the film front, but it’s her role in the upcoming Maleficent movie that’s helped her reach the top of this list.

* Music recorded by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury – two of the biggest showmen of our time – may soon be released. In the gap between Thriller and Bad, MJ spent time in the studio the Queen frontman, but it was a collaboration that ended when the two had a falling out. Brian May to the rescue!

* This past weekend it was announced that Oscar-winning composer of the six previous Star Wars films, John Williams will return to score the upcoming Episode VII movie directed by J.J. Abrams. He says he’s excited, and has always felt like he never really left the ‘galaxy far, far away.’

* Oscar-winning star and UN Messenger of Peace Charlize Theron returned home to South Africa to meet with President Jacob Zuma to play her part in helping break down the stigma around HIV/Aids.


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