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Entertainment Express: The Spectacular Now, Avatar, All is Lost, Glee, Regina Spector


* It was one of my favourite flicks at Sundance this year, and even called The Spectacular Wow, by a friend of a friend who shared the sentiment. Written by the guys who penned (500) Days of Summer, James Ponsoldt’s film is a real gem as it portrays the slice-of-life story about Sutter Keely, played so well by Miles Teller, as he turns to the bottle and Shailene Woodley to help him deal with the end of his high-school life. It opens on limited release in the US this weekend – see it when and how you can.

* In case you were wondering what your plans were for December 2018, well wonder no more. James Cameron has confirmed the dates of 3 Avatar sequels. Completing the, er, “quadrilogy”, the films come out December 2016, December 2017 and December 2018.

* The trailer for Robert Redford all by his lonesome in All is Lost is currently doing the rounds. The film’s Cannes premiere is up there as one of this year’s highlights, movie-wise. He is magnificent in it, considering, and maybe especially because, he hardly says two words in it. 

* Producers for Glee have said the show will address the death of Cory Monteith, in an upcoming episode by directly incorporating the issue of drug addiction.

* Regina Spector says she wrote the catchy theme song for the hit Netflix-streamed series Orange is the New Black especially for the show’s creator Jenji Kohan, who approached her after the Russian-born singer – currently on tour in Europe – contributed music to Weeds.


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