The Rundown

Entertainment Express: The Lone Ranger, Solange Knowles, Mumford & Sons, Punk in Africa, David Blaine

* The first teaser trailer for the big-budget flick The Lone Ranger has arrived – featuring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and Helena Bonham-Carter.

* Solange Knowles shot her latest music video, for the track Losing You, in Cape Town, South Africa, in which she hops into a taxi, dances with Sapeurs and amuses a gogo (granny).

* Mumford & Sons’ follow-up album, Babel, has scooped the biggest coup on the Billboard charts so far this year – debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200, with 600 000 copies sold in its first week. That puts the British banjo-rockers’ album ahead of Justin Bieber’s Believe, which up until now had the largest debut of the year in the US.

* David Blaine will attempt his latest stunt in New York on Friday when he plans to stand on a 20-foot-high platform for 72 hours without food amid an artificial lightning storm. It’s best not to ask why.

* Punk in Africa, a documentary about the music genre in South Africa, from the time of the Soweto Uprising and beyond, Zimbabwe and Mozambique premieres at the New York Film Festival tonight.


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