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Entertainment Express: The Lion King, Paul McCartney, Wes Anderson, Kanye West, Bruno Mars

lion king

* The Lion King is poised to become the first Broadway musical to cross the $1 billion dollar mark.  After celebrating 15 years on stage last November, the production has shown that a steady, consistently-filled house is the key to musical success. And a good ‘Hakuna Matata’ along the way.

* Ever hungry, Paul McCartney told NPR he too suffers from the feeling that everyone else is better than him. The underachiever released his latest solo album this week, number 16 under his belt, called New, and it’s quite lovely.

* The posters for Wes Anderson‘s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, has been revealed, and it’s glorious. The follow-up to Moonrise Kingdom stars Ralph Fiennes as a legendary concierge, as well as a host of other Wes regulars like Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson.

* It’s been announced A Tribe Called Quest will join Kanye West for some of his NY tour dates – alternating with Kendrick Lamar. This is sure to make fans who missed seeing the group re-band for Prince’s show at SXSW feel a little better.

* Bruno Mars presents Freida Pinto as a stripper in the music video for Gorilla. 

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