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Entertainment Express: The Hunger Games Catching Fire, The Princess Bride, Jeff Koons, German Art Loot, The Killers


Hello from New York where snow, yes, snow, has made its first appearance of the season. Too soon, I tell you! Onto more hot topics…

* The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiered in London on Monday night, so stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth took to the red carpet and felt the overwhelming love of the fans that had come out for the occasion. 

* The Princess Bride is the latest novel/film that will get the theatrical treatment. Disney Theatrical Productions announced on Monday that it will create a stage version of the classic tale. I’m almost surprised this is only happening now.

* Fresh from helping Lady Gaga kick off the release of her new album, Jeff Koons‘ is set to make a pretty penny off the auction of his Balloon Dog today. The artist’s work has been celebrated around the world – having appeared on the rooftop of the Met Museum and the Versaille Palace, among other respectable places.

* Speaking of art, German police seem to keep finding more pieces of what they believe are artworks that were looted by the Nazis from Jewish collections. Apparently almost 600 pieces were discovered in the Munich apartment of a man suspected of tax evasion. Makes me all the more eager now to see The Monument’s Men, George Clooney’s film about the very subject.

* The Killers released their retrospective Direct Hits album on Monday, and now it seems, they’ll be taking a bit of a break. Sunday night’s MTV EMA performance looks to be their last for a while, according to drummer Ronnie Vanucci. Just please say it won’t be a long break…


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