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Entertainment Express: The Fault in Our Stars, Ant-Man, Star Wars, Michael Stipe

Hello from a rainy NYC, where I’ll be getting a sneak peak of MTV’s 9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran later today.

* The Fault in Our Stars is preparing for a big opening weekend, with it already becoming the top-selling love story in ticket-site Fandango’s 14-year history. The Washington Post speculates the film based on John Green’s best-seller should bring in good numbers for a non-action movie, but all I know is when I saw it at a fan screening a few weeks ago, the tears were a-plenty, and I’m not sure how you’d quantify that.

* On Instagram on Wednesday, the Bad Robot feed contained a picture of a note written by JJ Abrams asking for a little consideration around the continuing Star Wars rumours and leaked pics from the set. But while the director used his production company’s feed to make a plea for chatter to stop, he too, dropped a hint about the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s spaceship, by placing the note on a Dejarik board, the chess game played on the Falcon in the first film. There is the notion being bandied about that sharing pics of locations or elements of the film before they’ve been put together can ruin the magic, come time to see it, and I tend to agree with that, but little hints from the film’s director can make the anticipation all the greater.

* More studio drama continues around the fate of the Ant-Man movie, a film that director Edgar Wright, up until two weeks ago, had been working on for the better part of the last decade. The next superhero movie to be developed in Marvel’s camp, the film is still without a director as new names are being thrown around as possible people to step up behind the lens, so to speak. It’s not looking good…

* In the Michael Stipe has released new music into the world, for the first time since R.E.M broke up in 2011. It’s for a film soundtrack, The Cold Lands, a movie made by a longtime friend of his. The images that accompany the music are of young men frolicking around a waterfall of sorts. There’s, unfortunately, none of his singing though.

[Pic: 20th Century Fox]


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