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Entertainment Express: The Cure, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Vanity Fair, Eye of the Tiger, Blondie

* The Cure have promised they will be releasing a new album this year – one said to have actually been recorded in 2008 when they released 4:13 Dream. This one is tentatively titled 4:14 Scream, and it will be accompanied by a bunch of live tour DVDs, a world tour and another “Trilogy” show where they play 3 albums in full.

* Broadway will dim its lights in honour of Philip Seymour Hoffman on Wednesday. Fans have also been donating to the theatre company he helped to build, Labyrinth Theatre Company – all as the autopsy into his cause of death is being conducted.

* It’s one of the most classic of 80s anthems but it might not be available on iTunes if things turn nasty in a lawsuit involving the founding members of Survivor, who are suing their record company over Eye of the Tiger royalties for digital sales.

* Vanity Fair has released its annual Hollywood edition cover, and it’s attracting a lot of applause for – finally – being a bit more inclusive.

* Blondie will collect NME’s “Godlike Genius” award next month for their contribution to pop culture – in one way or another.

[Pic: The Cure]


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