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Entertainment Express: Tatzu Nishi, Emmys, Clint Eastwood, Dredd 3D, Destiny’s Child.


* New York’s iconic Christopher Columbus statue, at Columbus Circle, has become the site of Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi’s latest artwork. A “living room” space has been created 70 feet above ground. It’s an incredible feat, but not everyone’s happy.

* Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, Trouble with The Curve, opens Stateside this weekend. He pulled a Jay-Z, telling us Gran Torino would be the last film in which he acted, but no-one seems to mind.

* Dredd 3D, the action flick shot entirely at the Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa, also opens this weekend.

* Will it be an Emmys ceremony for the cult favourites or one for the newcomers at this Sunday’s ceremony, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel?

* Say their name – on the anniversary of their first #1, Destiny’s Child will be releasing an album of greatest hits in October.


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