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Entertainment Express: Sting, Amitabh Bachchan, Paris Jackson, Stephen Fry, Jack White


* There are many reasons to look forward to Sting‘s forthcoming album – for one, he hasn’t given us a full album of original new music since 2003. For another, he’s created a musical to go along with it, The Last Ship. It’s about shipbuilding in the north of England but if anyone can make that lush, it’s Sting. And he’s working with Skyfall writer John Logan, and Joe Mantello, who directed Wicked. The music’s coming later this year, but the play will dock in 2014.

* He’s been in a gazillion movies (okay, about 180) but for the first time ever, Amitabh Bachchan will try his hand at acting in a TV series. The legendary Indian actor said he was a little nervous, but hey, the way TV is going right now, it’s the place to be – even for film stars.

* The late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is in hospital after what has been reported as a suicide attempt. If you follow MJ’s only daughter on Twitter, you’ll have seen her tweet lyrics from the song Yesterday, about ‘troubles being here to stay.’ The 15-year old is part of a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by the Jackson family against the concert promoters AEG Live, who they believe are ultimately responsible for MJ’s death.

* Meanwhile, British comedian Stephen Fry has revealed that he attempted suicide last year, while filming abroad. He said he had decided to speak out about the suicide attempt as part of his role as president of the British mental health charity Mind. Courageous move on his part.

* Here’s to Jack White, who has saved a pivotal music venue in Detroit – the Masonic Temple, where Jimi Hendrix, The Who and the Rolling Stones performed. This comes after news that Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey, where Nirvana played and Bruce Springsteen filmed a music video, is closing down in July.

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