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Entertainment Express: Shirley Temple, The Oscar Nominees Lunch, Donna Karan, Berlin Film Festival, Samuel L Jackson


* Monday afternoon in Los Angeles was one big photo opp, with the annual Oscar nominees luncheon taking place. Pharrell, up for Best Song, wore that hat again, and, on top of a lovely lunch, all the nominees received commemorative sweatshirts marking the occasion.

Shirley Temple, the former adorable curly-haired child star, and actress-turned-politician, died of natural causes at her home in California on Monday night at the age of 85.

* It’s Day 5 of New York Fashion Week, and on Monday, Donna Karan  celebrated 30 years of her sleek, black style in the fashion biz, with lots of red and a dash of chiffon.

* It’s also Day 5 of the Berlin Film Festival, and A Long Way Down, based on Nick Hornby’s novel with Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul, was among the films that premiered on Monday.

* And finally, never, ever get on Samuel L Jackson‘s wrong side. Actually, just don’t be a nitwit…

[Pic: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences]

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