The Rundown

Entertainment Express: Rolling Stones, Nobel Literature Prize, Django Unchained, The Who


* In the year of their 50th anniversary, The Rolling Stones have released their first single in 6 years Doom and Gloom, ahead of November’s greatest hits album GRRR!

* The 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Chinese author Mo Yan, who has been cited for his “hallucinatory realism [that] merges folk tales, history and the contemporary.”

* There’s a new trailer for Django Unchained as we edge closer to the film’s Christmas Day release. Nothing like blood-splattered cotton buds to start your Thursday.

* Stan Lee Media, an Internet company that shut down more than a decade ago and has been mired in lawsuits ever since, is suing Disney for billions of dollars.

* Pete Townshend talked about the future of The Who to Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann S Wenner.