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Entertainment Express: Robin Williams, Foo Fighters, Better Call Saul, Outlander, Patti LaBelle

It’s a very sad morning across the world, as we remember Robin Williams…

* Tributes have been coming in from fans, friends and fellow actors alike, paying homage to Robin Williams who gave so many incredible performances and brought so many characters to life. An autopsy is expected to be done today, to investigate further into his death, but authorities in California, where he was found dead, say they believe he died of suicide caused by asphyxiation. Williams still had an active career, and had four movies due to come out over the next few months. His death is like a gut punch to the collective film-loving public.

* Foo Fighters have released cover art for their forthcoming album and documentary, Sonic Highways. The band has also let us know the official release date, which is November 10th. Ever inventive, the band has created different covers for the vinyl, based on each of the cities they recorded the documentary in, exploring the music scene there. I am biased, but I am partial to the New York cover, although the one featuring all the cities together is pretty spectacular.

* An oh-so-short teaser trailer for Better Call Saul, the spinoff to Breaking Bad, is doing the rounds. The spinoff, which follows the antics of lawyer Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, before he met Walter White, is due to air in February next year.

* Another TV series that looks to be doing well is Outlander. It’s based on a book from 1991, and airs on the US network Starz, where it’s found a solid audience following this past weekend’s debut. It definitely looks like one to keep an eye on, as more episodes will air until the end of September. Also worth noting, season 4 of Homeland (which filmed in South Africa) will debut with a double episode, come October 5th.

* Staying with TV news, Patti LaBelle is heading to American Horror Story for 4 episodes. Like Stevie Nicks before her, LaBelle will bring her star-power to Ryan Murphy’s hit show, but she won’t be singing. LaBelle is set to play a local townie who begins to unravel the deadly secrets of a clown killer, in the series sub-titled Freak Show. Should be a goodie!

To end things on a somewhat sweet note, have a look at Sir Ian McKellen helping a South African director propose to his partner.


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