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Entertainment Express: Prince, Star Wars, Nik Wallenda, Furious 7, The Decemberists

It’s Marathon Monday in New York City, after yesterday’s race where even if you didn’t run, you could feel the electricity on the streets. Good luck to all those marathoners tackling any stairs today!

* A medal of a different kind was earned by those who worked on Star Wars: Episode 7 as the film wrapped this weekend. Director JJ Abrams sent a note of thanks to the cast and crew, and pics of the wrap party circulated around the internet.


* Prince took over SNL on Saturday with an 8-minute performance (of course he ditched the traditional 2-song format), playing three tracks from his two new albums live – Clouds from Art Official Age, Marz from PlectrumElectrum and Another Love, also off of that album (which I didn’t know was actually an Alice Smith cover). It was his first time back on the show since 2006. Oh, yeah, and Chris Rock hosted.

* It’s hard not to watch the trailer for Furious 7 and be reminded of how Paul Walker died in a car crash this time last year. The stunts are amazing and Walker’s brothers Caleb and Cody helped finish filming the movie, but it still feels a little hard to watch, to me at least. The film, which also stars Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris and Jordana Brewster, releases in April next year.

* Another video that’s hard to watch, in its own right, is that of Nik Wallenda, the guy who likes to attempt dare-defying feats, walking across two Chicago skyscrapers, twice, blind-folded for one. This guy is always doing crazy things, but this is unbelievable. Seems a little petty to just be awarded two Guinness World Records for that. Good thing he gets heaps of money from Discovery Channel too.

* If you’re a fan of sweeping pop songs of epic proportions, you’ll be as happy as I am to find that the Decemberists have released their first song in 4 years, which is, coincidentally, the time I moved to New York and made their show one of the first I saw here in the city. Now we just wait for the album, which will be called What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World. Of course it is.

{Pic: The Decemberists Instagram}

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