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Entertainment Express: Maleficent, BookCon, Morrissey, Psy, Ann B Davis

Hello from a sunny – finally – New York City!

* Angelina Jolie will be heading to China this week to promote Maleficent, which earned over $170 million at the global box office this past weekend, and about $70 million at the North American one. According to the folks at Box Office Mojo, the film gave Jolie her biggest debut ever. I would’ve thought that Mr and Mrs Smith did that, but there you have it.

* The first ever BookCon took place in New York this weekend. Quite surprised it’s the first one of its kind – America seems to have a ‘Con’ for everything. Rockstar author John Green spoke about The Fault in Our Stars, which releases this weekend, while the likes of John Grisham, Amy Poehler and Veronica Roth were also there, making the Javits Centre in NYC quite the place to be.

* It’s a pairing most unlikely, but Morrissey shares screen-time with Pamela Anderson for the video clip to his spoken word piece, Earth is the Loneliest Place of All, the latest in a host of ones he’s releasing ahead of his new album coming out next month. I guess even Pammy gets lonely.

* South Korean popstar Psy has earned himself a new accolade. The video for Gangnam Style hit over 2 billion views, beating Justin Bieber and setting a new YouTube record. Are people really still watching this video??

* And, it’s sad news for those who grew up with The Brady Bunch – the actress who played housekeeper Alice on the beloved American show, Ann B Davis, has died, after falling and hitting her head.

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